Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Invictus-Burst The Curse


Germany's Invictus, formed in 2017 with the 3-track "Burst The Curse" serving as their debut offering, is a power/speed metal band that is fronted by Nicolas Peter (guitarist for the awesomely-named Beerhammer!). The five-piece group features three members with ties to the heavy metal/thrash band Avator and has one of the finest opening tracks in memory with this EP's title track! Influenced by many a classic German power/speed metal band (Grave Digger, Iron Savior, Primal Fear and Helloween), Invictus works best when they stick to high-end, catchy, well-crafted and blazing power/speed metal ("Burst The Curse") or gripping, straight-up power metal ("Someone Out There"). Those two numbers are the bookend numbers on this EP. Unfortunately, "Gaia" is smack dab in the middle of those two solid tracks. A poor attempt at a ballad, "Gaia" is a three minute plus exercise in patience that left me saying "What just happened to the epic band that gave me that wicked title cut?". While one can appreciated and maybe even applaud the band's attempt at creating three different sounding tracks, "Burst The Curse" would have been a better effort if Invictus would have stuck to what they are good at: engaging& energetic power/speed metal that seems almost custom-built for fans of Helloween and the like. Still, two out of three ain't bad. Especially seeing as the title cut of this EP is perfectly suited for power/speed metal compilations!

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