Monday, October 10, 2005

Starwood, who and why?

Starwood are actually three/fourths of the Lizzy Borden line-up that did Lizzy's last lp Deal with the devil. Yet they changed their look, sound, bandname and dropped their last names. They did an album called If it's not broke, break it back in 2004. It was kind of a shock to me because back in fall of 2003 Lizzy Borden's site said they were looking for a guitarist and a new Lizzy album would be out in spring of 2004. Some time not too long after this, the site went down and Starwood popped up with an album just a few months later. Lizzy Borden have always been pretty much a metal band, but Starwood is much a hard rock sound with some definite 70's glam influences. A few months ago the Lizzy Borden website resurfaced only it just had one page with a live picture and said there would be a new album in 2006. I saw this as recently as last month. Today Blabbermouth reported that there would be a new Starwood lp early next year and that the band was getting ready to play a few dates in Japan and then they would be back in the states to start recording. Now I am confused because I doubt there will be an album from both bands and since the Starwood news is more recent then I would say a new Starwood album is more likely than a new Lizzy Borden album. My question is why are they all of a sudden having a change of identity and sound? My guess is they would sell more albums as Lizzy Borden then as Starwood, but money may not be an issue at this point. I am a Lizzy Borden fan from way back and I was looking forward to a new album. I only bought the Starwood album when it showed in the bargain bin for $3.99. It was certainly good, but not as good as the last Lizzy Borden. Then again I am probably talking about two bands where only a few dozen people care about anyhow.


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