Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ten days in December

I am hard at work on determining my top metal/hard rock albums of 1985. Well, actually I have just been listening to a lot of these albums on way to work. I am very near to having the top ten albums that will be in my top ten, but I don't have the order completely figured out yet. I am sure of the top five and their spots, but I am still working on the other spots. I also have two albums that I am considering for the number ten spot so I am taking my time in figuring it out because the one not selected will not make my top ten.
Oh, I guess that I should explain the title of this entry. My plan is that on December 1st, I will start with the number ten spot and write a few paragraphs on why this album deserved a spot in my top ten. Then I will do a countdown and announce the rest of my top ten at a rate of one per day. My number one album of 1985 will be announced on December 10th. I am sure no one is reading this, but doing this project has really helped me to listen harder to albums and really think about and explain why it's good or bad. Doing this has really my listening skills and helped me to listen further than just the surface or the first impression. I would certainly say it has been a good experience and I hope to do it for a few more years.


Blogger T-_Bone said...

I am doing something similar. It has been great going back and listening to these old albums, like Narita by Riot.

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