Friday, October 14, 2005

Why are they unplugged?

Okay, there is another metal hasbeen tour has just started up and getting read to go across the states. This one is VH-1's Stripped which features Don Dokken, Stephen Pearcy, Jani Lane, Kip Winger and Firehouse. I think there are other artists who may join the tour in various cities. the tour is coming near where I live and Reb Beach is listed as being on the bill, but I am not sure if he is playing by himself or with one of the other artists because he has previously played with both Winger and Dokken. Anyway the Stripped part refers to this being an all acoustic set and this is where I raise my eyebrows. I certainly don't mean to harp on these guys because I understand them just wanting to make some money if they can, but that acoustic part gets me just considering who these people are. I honestly don't think I have ever heard Firehouse so I can't comment on them. I remember Kip Winger as being an okay singer, but it has been a long time since I heard him. Now the other three singers are my main cause of concern. Don Dokken was in his prime the best of the three singers by far, but reports are that he just can't his certain notes anymore, but keeps trying and it's not pretty. Stephen Pearcy has always been known for not being a great singer live and for having maybe not the strongest voice around and I am referring to reports from 20 years ago. Jani Lane is the one who seems to get the most criticism as in recent years he has been known to struggle singing live plus the number of shows and tours he has cancelled or pulled out of all together. I understand when some of these bands are put on a tour like the Rock never stops because they are playing the music they were known for playing and that's fine. Now this Stripped tour has guys who were never known for being the greatest musicians trying to do the kind of show that really requires talent to pull it off. I have always felt that if you suck or struggle during an acoustic set then it will be much more noticeable than during an electric set. They have three guys on this bill who are known for vocal limitations and that scares me. To be honest if I was forced to choose between seeing these five acts unplugged or seeing any two of the five playing an electric set then I would take the electric. I have to be honest and say that I just don't think some of these guys have the talent to pull off a good acoustic set and I am not sure what possessed VH-1 to think this was a better idea than just having a couple of these bands tour and play their regular sets.


Blogger Phantasmak said...

Kip Winger was pretty good in his acoustic CD, and just about the only 'unplugged' act I ever liked, mainly because he hasn't just attempted to play his songs as they are with just the replacement of the electric guitar, but also converted the songs to a bit more bluesy style.

I didn't like Firehouse's acoutsic album at all. Just to listen to once powerful "All She Wrote" sound like that made me resent the album. And that was the best of the tracks.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, im 15 and my favorite bands rite now are Ratt, Rokken Dokken, and Cinderella, anywayz Stephen Pearcy still can "Lay it Down" when it comes to hitting the notes. To me it sounds the same or more metalish now than it did in his prime.Which means he never left his prime,lol! Oh and to me Firehouse never was good. Cum on any band that calls there self hair metal and their best songs are, love of a lifetime, When I see you smile, and Don't treat me bad is just plain ignorant. Well I Hope you are still Rokken it Out with Hair Metal. Peace

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