Friday, April 04, 2008

Damaged Dolls


Saying a glam band comes from Sweden these days is like saying eggs come from chickens as in it's very common. This demo has three songs so I'll give you a track by track synopsis. The opener "Kill me for fun" bursts on and right away I am thinking of Motley Crue circa 1982-83. The guitar riff is very much out of the book of Mick Mars as it's simple yet direct and actually the song as whole could be described in that manner as well. The vocals are decent except they sound a little low and drowned here, but that problem does not occur on the other two tracks. Next up is "Bad boy gigolo" and once again the music is largely Motley Crue influenced again although this song is slightly heavier and perhaps tighter. The vocals have me thinking more of Quiet Riot though as the vocals themselves and the melodies sound similar to something off of one of one of QR's first two albums. The final track is "Right between your eyes" and this has me thinking more of current bands that are influenced by Motley Crue such as Crashdiet and Loud n' Nasty. Their confidence seems highest here and everything seems fleshed out fairly well although the track does overstay it's welcome just a little. I like the slightly gritty production on this promo as too many glam bands feel the need to have a completely polished package and some times that takes some of the life and energy away from their music. It's difficult to tell from just three tracks, but I like what I hear. I can't say that they are doing much different from the plethora of other glam bands I have heard coming out of Sweden these days, but it's certainly good. Even though they are unsigned these guys are currently in the middle of a short tour of the United States so they may not be unsigned for much longer.

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Blogger Jim said...

Hi M-Mark, I get me eggs come from the grocery store.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Jim-Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to know that you don't wait behind a chicken with a frying pan held out.

11:41 AM  

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