Saturday, April 05, 2008

Interview with F.U.

Recently I received an e-mail from a band called F.U. asking if I would interview them. This was different because usually I write to bands to ask for interviews and they tell me F.U. Anyway, I recently interviewed vocalist Rev to find out more about this band.

MM-Please introduce you band and tell us a little about the history of the band.....
REV-We are F.U. A hard rock band out of the Burlington NC area. Rev -Vocals, SteveO- Guitars, Rob-Drums,HD-Bass. Me, Rob , and SteveO actually knew each other from past bands ,HD just dropped out of nowhere. We don't have a clue were he came from.LOL .Rob actually came to me about 8 months ago and asked if I wanted to start another band. It took me all of about 10 seconds for me to say Fuck yeah. And here we are..

MM-What are you currently working on?
REV-We are rehearsing for our first full length CD. We are VERY proud of these songs. We will be playing most of them in my old stomping grounds in Raleigh @ Volume 11 Saturday March 22. Did I slip that in smooth enough..

MM-Who are your musical influences?
REV-Damn ...The band influences are all over the place .Tool, Korn, Aerosmith, Buckcherry, Down , Guns n Roses..Shit I could go on and on..

MM-Who picked the band name? Was it picked out of anger or to be funny or both? Are you going to tell me F.U. for asking this question?
REV-LOL!!!!!!!The short version is we had our site up before we even had our name. So I needed to put something and it happened to be F.U. And it just fucking stuck.Our we were to lazy to come up with something more original. Oh and F.U. for asking..

MM-How would you describe your sound? Shit...its just hard rock with an attitude.How many original songs do you have? Do you play any cover songs live?
REV-We have probably about 15 finished, and about 50 unfinished..We try not to play too many covers. But we do play -Its so easy -GnR, Hey man nice shot-Filter, Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson.. All done F.U. style.

MM-Have you had interest from any labels yet?
REV-Some interest , but nothing worth bragging about..Just want to have a good time right now. If something happens it happens , ya know..


MM-On your Myspace page there is a section where you talk about giving fans a good show. So I am assuming that you are proud of your live show. What should someone who comes to one of your shows expect?
REV-Four guys that actually enjoy what they are doing, and showing it..Me personally(Rev) I can't fucking sit still from the first song to the last, doesn't matter if there are 5 people or 500 people, We just love being on stage. Always have.

MM-Who have you opened for? What have been some of your memorable shows so far?Silvertide, Wednsday 13, Vains of jenna, Pat Travers (One Of my personal Favs)..Plus have got to just hang out with some killer national acts like Buckcherry, Puddle of mudd, Nerosonic, LA Guns..I love this shit.

MM-What are you doing that sets your band apart from other acts going today?
REV-I don't think that there is one thing that sets us apart from anybody else..There are SOOO many great local bands out there that people are missing out on like The Fifth, Romeo Falls , Inuendo, Automag, shit there's so many ..We are just playing what sounds good to us , not trying to change the world , we just want to give people what they pay their hard earned money for..A Kick ass rock show.

MM-What is the music scene like in Graham, North Carolina? Who are some of the best band in your area?
REV-LOL.. There is no music scene in Graham.You have to go to Burlington, Greensboro, Highpoint, And in the other direction , Raleighwood..But one of my favorite band in this area is out of Burlington..A Very Good rock band out of Burlington called Inuendo, GREAT musicians , and all those fuckers can sing..Check them out.

MM-What goals do you have for this band for the rest of 2008?
REV-To put out some quality fucking songs,and play some very memorable shows with my F.U. brothers, and let the beer bottles fall were they may..

MM-Pick the band from the following pair that you prefer and tell why you picked that band.
Black Stone Cherry or Buckcherry
Oh fuck ..That's tough, I love both those bands.But I will have to go with Black Stone Cherry, they have just a bit more edge..

That's easier ..AC/DC for sure..Why? Fuck its AC/DC

Metallica or Pantera
Pantera for sure..Just Raw , kick ass in your face , don't give a fuck music.

Motley Crue or WASP
Got to go with the Crue..They blew me away in the 80's.

MM-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your band or your music?
REV-Come check us out March 22 @ Volume 11 in Raleigh/With Allister Fiend , a kick ass Motley Crue tribute band ..You wont regret it ..See you Fukkers there..Thanks for the interview Mark F.U.

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