Monday, September 22, 2008

Villain Interview


Villain are an up and coming hard rock act from South Carolina who show a lot of promise. I recently got to check in with them and learn more. So after reading the interview make sure that you hop over to their Myspace page and check out their tunes.

Hello, please introduce the members of your band.

We got Robert Falsetti on vocals, Wes Brown on drums, Justin Stenji on bass, and Eric Perry on guitar .

Tell us a little about the history of your band.

Been playing for about a year and a half and just got Falsetti on vocals since about late April.

What are you currently working on?

Recording 3 new songs, 2 of which still need to be written and one is a ballad, the other is the title track for our debut album "Sleaze on the Roxx"

Who are your musical influences?

We all like different music but yet we still enjoy the same things. Eric: is influenced by Randy Rhoads, and glam metal. Justin: dudes that look like chicks. Wes: early Ozzy, Black Sabbath, rush, and motley crue. Falsetti: everything from Aerosmith to ZZTop, to Nickelback, Motley Crue and Incubus and Crossfade.

What is your band doing that’s going to get you noticed?

We dont give a fuck what anyone thinks we just go out and kick ass.


Have you had any interest from any record labels yet?

Yes we've had people check us out.

How important is it to you to get signed at this point?

It's a plus, but were doing this cause we love it. Nothing else counts to us. music is all we do and girls.

Would you ever consider doing a self-released album if you didn’t get signed?

Thats what we're working on now, Motley Crue created Leathur records and released "Too Fast For Love" on their own label, then Elektra bought it out and we're gonna do the same thing if we have to.

What are some of your songs about?

Sex drugs and rock n roll.

Where do you get the ideas for your songs?

From personal expirience.

Who have you opened for?

The Cute Leppers, Sick sick sick, The Scurvies, Examing Emma.


What have been some of your most memorable shows so far?

Probably our first show because we got alot of positive feedback, we were talked about on the radio, and the first show at New Brookland Tavern with Falsetti.

What should someone who comes to see you live expect?

Expect the unexpected. You're not going to think your going to see a great band in a shithole club, but then you hear us.

Where do you hope to be three years from now? On tour.

If you could only listen to three albums over the next month then what would you pick and why? Falsetti: "The Long Road" Nickelback, "Make Yourself" Incubus, and our own cd because they are my fav. albums
Justin: Diary of a madman, Appetite for destruction and Rest in sleaze.
Wes: Ozzy's tribute, Rez, Push it by Salt and Peppa
Eric: Blizzard of oz, Diary of a madman, Red white and crue.

What do you think about the current hard rock/metal scene in general these days? Is it improving or not? Why?
Its getting worse but in Sweden its getting better.

Pick the band from each of the following pairs that you prefer and tell why.
Bang Tango or LA Guns:
Which LA guns?
Ratt or Twisted Sister:
Motley Crue or Guns and Roses:
Thats a fuckin hard one!
KISS or Ozzy: Ozzy for sure, but KISS for a show.

Is there anything else that you would like to say about your band?
We're bringing back Sunset blvd in the 80's.

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