Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Inner Party-Honky Heretics



The Inner Party hail from Fayetteville, Arkansas and this is their debut EP. However they have been playing informally for about ten years. The sounds represented here are varied, but not necessarily that diverse. These guys bring in elements of punk rock both old and new as well as some pop and light industrial touches too. The title track kicks things off with the title track which is a short down and dirty instrumental. "Drunk Fool" follows and it reminds me of early DOA only with a dose of fuzz slapped around the overall sound. "Untouchable" has a similar guitar tone, but the energy is far more restrained. It's flows well and has a more pop approach. "Walkman" is a mid-tempo track with a low, deep sound. This song demonstrates the bands ability to really control the pace of the song. I wasn't big on the drum sound though because it sounded a little clunky. "Used Parts" comes blaring on with an intentionally static sounding production. It's a very okay song and different but tedious. I think since it's the middle of the album they really needed something to revive the album at this point and this wasn't it. "Proles Theme" gets back on a track with a simple yet crunchy sound. It's repetitive, but steady and loud so that helps. "Nameless" is a thick slab of droning rock that across as ambitious at first, but perhaps over stays it's a welcome by about minute or so as it stumbles to a close. After this there is an unlisted track which features some low humming for a while and some spoken rambling. Really this one was more filler than anything. "Honky Heretics" isn't anything that you have not heard before. At it's best it's basic, honest and to the point. At it's low points they get caught up in experimenting with effects and forget about how to rock. It's more hit than miss though although most of the high points come in the first half of the half of the album. So here is hoping that they realize their strengths and make the best use of their talents when they get around to doing a full length album.

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