Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maltese Falcon-Metal Rush

Metal Mind

This band formed in Copenhagen back in 1983. Their band name was actually suggested to them by their friend Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Ulrich had taken the name from a 1930 novel which was twice adapted into film twice. The band recorded three demos between 1983 and 1984 before landing a record deal with Roadrunner. This band's sound is hardly original, but it is interesting to some extent. At times I can hear British bands like Saxon and Judas Priest. However Maltese Falcon also sound like LA bands like WASP, Witch and Lizzy Borden. Bands that bordered between metal and hard rock. Perhaps this band's greatest strength is their ability to balance catchy melodies with solid doses of heaviness. They are able to pull this off fairly easily. Unfortunately the band's greatest fault is that they too often fall into the trap of being very repetitive. There are several songs where they overstay their welcome without adding much to the songs. They know to start their songs with impressive riffs, but they are not as consistent at keeping the momentum going on every song. It's a shame that the band never did another album though because the potential was there. They disbanded in 1986 leaving this as their only album. Bass player Hasse (Hal) Patino would later go on play with King Diamond, Doctor Butcher and Force of Evil. Vocalist Srren Peter Jensen would join Danish band Release. Metal Mind's re-issue includes a lyric booklet and a band biography.

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Blogger Patrick said...

It's cool that this one got a re-issue finally. I always liked the album quite a bit. I agree with the song structure not being the greatest, but back then it could be forgiven if the riffs and performance were intense enough, which they were IMO. Good review!

8:30 AM  

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