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The Hunted hail from Cardiff, Wales and this demo includes one track recorded in 2007 and two that were done in 2008. With just three songs I think the most effective way of going about this is just to break it down song by song. "Impaled" is up first and it has about 10-12 second intro with a solid riff and then launches or rather stumbles into the bulk of the song. The sound at first is unfortunately clunky in both musical approach and production. Once the vocals kick in they settle down some, but never really get into a groove. The sound is somewhat like early progressive metal ala Queensryche and Crimson Glory plus a little like Virgin Steele. The vocals are strong, but the music just never solidifies enough to really help. Consider the first track a test run perhaps because "Shadows" is up next with a slow and smooth beginning. This song also reminds me of early Queensryche with maybe some shades of Maiden as well. The production is still thin, but the playing is far more organize. They actually manage to hit their hooks with greater ease this time around. The vocals of Chris G. fare even better on this track as well. "The silence of minds" is the oldest track here (2007), but it's my favorite of the three. This track demonstrates the bands strength of really building some momentum and going with it. Unfortunately I think that once again the production keeps the guitars from being as meaty as they could and should be. Still a good showing and a nice note to end on. The vocals are generally on and the musical ability was there for the majority of the time. I think they need to tighten up some, work on song structure and hopefully their next effort will have better production values. Still worth checking out.

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