Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jumping Jack-Cows and whisky


I love it when stoner rock actually rocks instead of just being caught in a heavy fog. French band Jumping Jack not only know it-they could actually give lessons on how to do it. The six tracks on this EP hit you a truck full of hammers and keep pounding all the way through. Think of Fireball Ministry, Sasquatch (the band not the guy who poses for blurry pictures) and Soundgarden all tossed into a blender, chopped together and then poured out for you listening pleasure. Jumping Jack are kind of like that only more direct and maybe even meaner. A lot of bands try to look and dress rough, but these guys have that dirty heavy, nasty hard music just oozing out of the instruments. They probably can't help because it sure sounds like this all comes easy for them. This is stoner rock with genuine grooves which really helps the whole thing move like a single vehicle. A large monstrous vehicle with gigantic wheels crushing all in it's path, but still a vehicle. That is one of their best attributes and that's refreshing because so many stoner rock bands sit there without a direction or very little movement. Jumping Jack know how to be heavy and slow enough, but still keep the ball rolling. When I saw the Jack Daniels inspired logo I was expecting a glam type disc for some reason, but hey it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Of course I can't wait to here what they will do on a full length release.

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Great band...!!

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