Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pro-Pain-Absolute Power



Pro-pain have been around for about two decades. During that time they have gone through quite a few line-up changes. They have been active while other musical trends have come and gone, but still this band has stuck to their guns and been cranking out generally the same sound since the early 90's. Once again on the new release they stick to their hardcore roots, but add in a healthy dose of heavy thrash to boot. They don't sound much different than they did in the 1990's, but they do this sound as well as anyone else going today. The attitude, power and most importantly the spirit are all still present in "Absolute Power". To me those elements are prime towards making hardcore work. There are no weak songs or filler present on this outing. However there is a great deal of repetition and that did bog down the momentum on a couple of songs. Pro-pain have never been about style or fancy solos, but instead they focus on pure force and lots of volume. In those categories they handle themselves very well. The music and vocals are focused, but simplre. If you didn't like this before then this album is not going to change your mind. However fans, even casual ones are going to find more than enough to interest them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just picked up PRO-PAIN "Run For Cover" CD, Friday night at a thrift store. 14 cover songs... Slayer, Motorhead, Celtic Frost, Black Flag, and yes... Crumbsuckers "Just Sit There" too. It's a damn good listen! I'll have to get ahold of "Absolute Power" now. PRO-PAIN'S strength is in their blue collar Hardcore blood!

Thanks for posting this one... this band deserves any and all the fans they get.


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