Friday, August 27, 2010

Soul Remnants-Plague of the universe



Hailing from Littleton, Massachusetts this band play a savage variety of old style death metal that is intermingled with plenty of thrash passages. That's not to limit them at all because they do far more than just copy the styles. They are aggressive and tight with plenty of ideas constantly flowing. The riffs are brutal and punishing, but there is also more than enough variation in style and tones to keep the interest of most fans. The vocals are of the growling variety, but they compliment the mood set up by music. The rhythm section provides a thunderous landscape for the other players. I enjoyed every track and actually became more impressed as they went along. On top of all that the production is fantastic and consistent. This isn't just a band showing potential, but rather they are already playing and writing at high level. A number of bands play old style death and thrash, but many lack the talent, skills and even imagination to really make their music count. Not the case with Soul Remnants because they have all the tools in place and they know how to use them.

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