Thursday, December 23, 2010

Proghma C-Bar do travel



Poland's Proghma C really attempt to bring almost everything to their debut. We have avant garde ramblings, frenzied sounds flying left and right, a small army of twisted riffs and vocals both floating and lofty as well as frothing at the mouth growls. This results in some intense and impressive moments, but unfortunately they are few and far between. Peaking early is a phrase that came to mind while listening to this album. Almost every song has a key early on and almost every song quickly falls into a pit of repetition for the rest of the track as my eyes glaze over as I wait for the track to end. They show flashes of brilliance, but became tedious within seconds on most of tracks contained here. Seriously it's like a long distance runner sprinting with all of their might for the first mile and then jogging the rest of the race because they spent all of their energy so early. The talent is undeniable here as far as playing goes because there are quite a few ideas that made their way into this recoding and I admire the potential. However their lack of creativity as writers is all too obvious. Perhaps it's something they can work out with further practice, but I'd definitely say they need to go back to drawing board and I will be rooting for them to cultivate the sparks I heard on this album.

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