Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reflecting on metal in 2010

So Andy posted best albums of 2010 and I'll get mine posted later this week once I figure out the last few spots. Overall it's been a very good year for hard and metal. Maybe not as many great albums as some other recent years, but a whole lot of good ones, lots of pleasant surprises and not very many weak albums either. Okay, there are albums I avoided like Vince Neil's disc because I knew if I listened to it that would be time that I would never get back. Still it has been a solid year for music. Now 2011 is almost upon us. As far as the new year goes I have already heard a solid debut EP from NWOBHM inspired Volture and I have downloads for 2011 releases from Onslaught and Wino. For re-issues in 2011 I already have some Primal Fear discs I will be reviewing soon and I just learned that Warlock and Bang Tango re-issues are coming out early in the year. So the beginning of the upcoming new year is loooking promising already.

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