Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vision-Mountain in the sky

Born Twice
Here is a band that was started when a youth pastor in Jacksonville, Florida asked his praise and worship team to do a concert series. Their first concert drew 250 people and an early line-up of Vision was born. Their second show a few months later drew 1,500 people and from there the members began to devote more time to their project. This album was originaly self-titled upon it's release in the mid-1980's, but was retitled Mountain in the sky for the re-issue. Vision included two former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd with Billy Powell on piano and Leon Wilkeson on bass guitar. Vision really s seemed to be the be lead by guitarist/vocalist Rocco Marshall. The band was rounded out by Leonard Jones on guitars/violin/flute, David Jinright on synths/organ and drummer Mike Maple. There is a definite southern rock flavor to the music not far off from what 38 Special sounded like at the time, but there some progressive passages tied into most of the songs too not far off from Kansas. The writing and playing are solid and I was floored by a few of the solos. The overall sound definitely draws from styles from the mid-70's up until the
mid-80's. The feeling is smooth and they have definite attention to details. The re-issue includes testimonies from both Billy Powell and Leon Wilkeson.

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