Friday, November 25, 2011


Metal Blade

This year long running doom act Cathedral announced they would disband after recording their final in 2012. So we know the end is near for them, but we are treated to this two disc live set that was recorded last year. The first album features the original line-up playing their Forest of Equilibrium album in it's entirety. The second album which was also the second set of the show features the long standing line-up doing a selection of their well-known songs including Midnight mountain and Carnival Bizarre. I have been a fan of this band since the start, but hearing the Forest of Equilibrium album again reminds me of just how slow and drawn out they were on their first few albums. Although back then I loved them and would sit back and soak the whole thing, but nowadays when I re-visit them I have to take it in smaller doses. Of course being live they pick up the pace on it a little on these versions. Still in the early 90's doom wasn't the major genre it is now and Cathedral were not only one of the leaders of the scene, but one of the few still sticking with it as well. Fortunately they progressed as the 90's went along. The second set on this set shows that growth as they pound and twist their way through those songs. Somewhere a long the ways Lee Dorian and the rest of the band figured out that playing doesn't mean every song has to trickle along. Now the songs from the second set are a bit different from their studio counterparts. They are not totally tight and doing this for two decades has taken a slight toll on Dorian's voice. Still they bring the volume and the energy plus the crowd is very excited about it. The sets here are not perfect, but they do a fine job of showing all that's likable about Cathedral. Which is that they were not as concerned about being perfect as they were about being heavy and delivering pounding tones in the form thick crusted songs. A solid live album that I'll be spinning for the next few months for sure.

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