Friday, November 25, 2011

French Metal Friday: Mystery Blue

French traditional heavy metal act Mystery Blue was formed in 1982 by guitarist "Frenzy" Philippon . After a 1983 demo the band released their self-titled debut on the cult French label Axe Killer. Their debut album featured AC/DC inspired hard rock not unlike fellow countrymen Trust. While nothing groundbreaking it was one of the few albums to make an impact outside of France and I still find myself drawn to it when straight up heavy metal is in order. Two years later the band followed up with "Circle of Shame" on Dream Records. As with many other young bands from the era Mystery Blue just couldn't keep it together and after a 1987 demo they disappeared. While a 1995 demo would show up eventually it wouldn't be until 1998 that their 3rd album, "Spirit of Your Song" was released. By that point Philippon had recruited a new line-up including vocalist/keyboardist Nathalie Geyer. With a more mature sound and a renewed dedication Mystery Blue has endured with their last album being 2009's "Hell & Fury". These days the band's sound is less about AC/DC style hard rock and more about classic heavy metal.
In addition to Philippon and Grey the band's line-up these days includes drummer Vince Koehler who played with cult thrash band Altar.


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