Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Royal Hunt-Show Me How To Live

Frontiers Records

Denmark's one and only melodic progressive metal band Royal Hunt have been around for quite sometime. It's something to consider that this is the band's 11th studio album. It is also the first one to see the return of lead vocalist DC Cooper. With DC Cooper on board again (he was partly responsible for two of Royal Hunt's most successful releases, "Moving Target" and "Paradox") founder and keyboard player Andre Andersen seems rather inspired. For any band to not only survive to make eleven studio albums but have the material still sound fresh and invigorating well that is truly something. While keyboardist Andre Andersen might be the driving force behind Royal Hunt here on "Show Me How To Live" DC Cooper does his best to say "Hey, who missed me?". There is a reason this guy has fronted so many quality bands (Silent Force, Missa Mercuria, Steel Seal, Explorers Club, Amaran's Plight). He can sing. His voice is as classy as Andre's keyboard arrangements. That isn't to say that guitarist Jonas Larsen can't hold his own. He can and then some. His guitar solos are classical in nature but it is obviously from the word go that it is all about DC and Andre. These two are the bigwigs and Royal Hunt is a statement. Sure it is majestic, melodic and progressive. It's very epic sounding with clear and crisp production. I'd even say its flashy. But it is also a chance to highlight the skills of these two musicians and in that regard they succeed!


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