Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breaking News! Nitro's "Lethal Dose" anthology set for late July release!

Finally, after nearly 20 years of waiting, cult 80's metal act Nitro are getting the ultimate CD experience courtesy of Skol Records! As a long time fan of Pennsylvania's one and only "true" Nitro (forget that glam sham act of the same name!) I will say this release is L-O-N-G overdue. If you're not familiar with the real Nitro then be sure to check out my review/article about them here:
In addition to the original tracks on "Lethal + II" the band has dug through the vaults to add a whopping 9 extra bonus tracks! All of these tracks are from the same time period as "Lethal + II" and are simply the icing on the cake for die hard Nitro fans. As Skol has a proven track record when it comes to these sort of projects (Robespierre's "Die You Heathen, Die!", which I plan to review shortly, being a perfect example of the quality work that goes into their CD packages) this release promises to be one of the better 2013 releases, traditional heavy metal or not! Find out more at the link below and be sure to say a little pray of thanks to the metal gods tonight as this one is going to be epic!

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