Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free Fall-Power & Volume

Nuclear Blast Records

More Swedish hard rock? You better believe it! Stockholm, Sweden-based Free Fall are just the latest group to come rocking out of this Northern Eurpean country. Much like their fellow-countrymen Vanderbuyst (who I've covered in the past) Free Fall, which was formed by ex-The Soundtrack Of Our Lives guitarist Mattias Bärjed, plays hard rock the old fashioned way. By that the influences are on the older side of things (AC/DC, Uriah Heep, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, UFO, The Stooges, the Who and Judas Priest) while the actual music that comes rumbling out ends up more fresh feeling. Kim Fransson's vocals are perfectly suited for Free Fall in that he sure does seem as if he was plucked right out of some obscure 70's hard rock act and transported to the here and now! The rythm section is filled out by bassist Jan Martens and drummer Ludwig Dahlberg (International Noise conspiracy) which fits the goal that Mattias had going into this project. While playing in his previous band, which was rock-based, but also integrated other elements such as punk and psychedelic rock,  guitarist Mattias Bärjed felt a calling to form a classic four piece act. In other words he wanted the tried and true band setup of lead vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Free Fall is the result and this full-length debut album is every bit a classic rock/hard rock outing. It's also a joy to those of us who love all things classic rock and classic hard rock. Though it might come off as too-retro to some there's little doubt as to the talent behind this new 4-piece outfit and the enthusiasm they have for all things late sixties and seventies. In that regard this one's a surefire winner and worth checking out for those folks who still cherish their old LPs of groups like the above mentioned as well as Deep Purple, Kiss, B.O.C, Saxon and B.T.O.

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