Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seventh Veil-White Trash Attitude

Street Symphonies Records

Born from the ashes of the hard rock band LastRide, which hailed from Verona, the Italian band Seventh Veil offer up their own take on Sunset Strip rock...80's Sunset Strip rock that is. If you're not familiar with that particular scene then it's glitter and glam with songs that deal with fast cars, beautiful women, the joys of alcohol and rocking and rolling all night long! To be fair though it's not just some hair-metal love-in where acts like Poison, Mötley Crüe, Nitro (the crap metal version), Trixter, Slaughter, Steelheart and Britney Fox are worshiped like their some sort of gods. No, there is some fairly typical hard rock tied into this band's sound and they also try to incorporate some of the current Scandinavia glam metal/hair metal scene as well. With "White Trash Attitude" serving as the band's full-length debut (previous to this 10-track LP they released a 2012 EP entitled "Nasty Skin") the group does their best to make a good impression and stand out from the rest of the bunch as this new glam metal/hair metal trend is suddenly surging! Oscar Burato, who recorded, mixed and mastered the band's debut album at Atomic Stuff Recording Studio, does his best to spit-shine the band by smoothing out the rough edges but he can only do so much for a band like Seventh Veil. So what's the problem with this Italian band? Well, when the cards are all laid out on the table it comes down to material that is nothing fancy, but also nothing to stop the presses over. The band (vocalist Steven, guitarists Jack and Holly, bass player Jeff and, at least on this album, drummer Eric Foxx) are a decent enough lot of musicians, but it's not enough to just know how to play rock and roll. If there's no soul to it and nothing at all to make it "Pop Out" for the listener then you're left with an album that is OK and all, but one that you're not very likely to listen to over and over and over again. What sucks is that I really did want to like this album. On paper it all sounded rather fun. Instead it's an album that would probably only appeal to diehard collectors of all things sleaze who have to have any and every album with that kind of groove. Other then those folks I just can't see this one making to many listeners into fans.

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