Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pÿlon-Homo Homini Lupus

Roxx Records

Now in their 12th year together, with (current) vocalist/guitarist Matt Brand and (former) drummer Tinu Christen having first hand-crafted the band's firm foundation together back in 2002, Switzerland’s Pÿlon are now on album number six with the excellent "Homo Homini Lupus". Still (in spite of such an impressive back-catalog which also features two splits with Painwork and My Silent Wake) it was only last year's "The Harrowing Of Hell" (initially released in 2012 on vinyl and in 2013 on CD as a collaborative effort between Roxx Records and Quam Libet Records) that served as my introduction to Pÿlon and their classic take on doom metal. Ever since that divinely inspired moment I've found myself at the mercy of this band's well-honed style and crafty delivery! On "The Harrowing Of Hell" (which, if you are not at all familiar with, you can discover by way of my 2013 review posted below!) the band, now featuring a line-up of vocalist/guitarist Matt Brand, guitarist Oliver Schneider (Mink Security), bass guitarist Reto Hardmeier (Punish, ex-Aliengates) and drummer Beni Mayer, perfectly balanced original content with a creative re-imaging of the well-known Black Sabbath number, "Paranoid". On "Homo Homini Lupus" (an album that marks another turning point for this Swish collective!) the band once more blends original content with a unique cover track. This time around the band truly surprises the listener with their take on Slayer's "South of Heaven"! Featuring guest musician Tim Gaines (Stryper) on bass, "South of Heaven", or (if you will) this band's choice to cover such a classic thrash number,  finally answers a question that I have pondered since I first bought Slayer's fourth album back in 1989 or 1990*. That question was "What would it sound like to have a Christian metal act cover a song that features such strong apocalyptic imagery?". Well, now I know. It sounds AMAZING! But, here's the real deal about this album. The original material here is absolutely incredible! As briefly touched upon above, "Homo Homini Lupus" moves the band into new territories previously only hinted at on "The Harrowing Of Hell" with the original compositions "Crowned", "Al-Hahar" (featuring a verse in Modern Hebrew!) and the album's first single, "Saligia", which can be previewed here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-xWNxdKLiQ), taking doom in a direction quite similar to a certain Malta-based outfit. And incidentally that particular band donated the use of their lead singer for this upcoming full-length endeavor from Pÿlon! That's right, I'm talking about another one of my favorite doom bands in Nomad Son and on "Homo Homini Lupus" the vocal talents of Jordan Cutajar are put to good use with each and everyone of the original compositions here coming across as nothing short of brilliant! All six of Pÿlon new tracks are exquisite in their own right, blending doom rock and doom metal fundamentals with clever arrangements and intelligent, thought-provoking/soul searching lyrics, but with the addition of Nomad Son's hugely talented Jordan Cutajar such numbers (especially the later half of the new tracks like "Saligia", "Is se donnent du mal", "Crucifer" and "The Curse of Eden") take on a life of their own making "Homo Homini Lupus" an absolute must for doom connoisseurs! Prior to this posting I actually mentioned to the fine folks at Roxx Records how heavenly I found this release as that's how griping Pÿlon's latest is! Obviously the Nomad Son connection and the Slayer cover alone will draw in plenty of curious onlookers, but as a whole this really is masterful work! If only I could share more with you, but sadly you'll just have to wait until June to experience it for yourself. As a final note there is a special package available to the first 100 pre-orders of this exception album. For a limited time all pre-orders (well, at least the first 100!) will come with an exclusive lithograph hand signed by all of the members of Pÿlon! Not only is that a neat idea, but it will most assuredly become a sought-after collector's item down the road! Why wait then? Find out more at:  www.roxxproductions.com

Link to Pÿlon "The Harrowing Of Hell" review:

* My memory fades as I grow older and I no longer remember exactly what year it was that I first bought this album on cassette tape.

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