Monday, May 12, 2014

Psychotic Gardening-Hymnosis

Self-Release/Independent Recording

Due to be released tomorrow (May 13th, 2014), "Hymnosis" makes it four full-length albums for Winnipeg, Manitoba's Psychotic Gardening. Having first been assembled in the mid-nineties by vocalist/guitarist Chuck Labossiere (at the time a member of Immortal Possession) this one-time solo project has slowly grown into it's own. A unrelenting side-effect of heavy metal that has run amok, unrestricted by the barriers that are meant to keep everything in check (whether, as in the case of Psychotic Gardening, it's doom or death, groove or goth) this metallic freak of nature is pure, unfiltered fury and we, the heavy metal community at large, are all the better for it! Currently featuring a superb line-up of Labossiere (guitars, vocals and keyboards), (second) vocalist Chris "Gillshammer" Gillis (Mnemonic Void, Reign of Terror), guitarist Andrew Wiens (Aberration, ex-Children of Tragedy), bassist Mike "Junior" Jannsen (Eyam, Kaluza, ex-Damascus) and drummer Matt Penner this uncompromising (Canadian) monster of metal fury is as extreme as they come! And no, we're not even talking about the lyrical content* of "Hymnosis" here!  Joined by a couple of guests like Will "Willishammer" Janssen (additional keyboards on "Journey to the Sun"), Into Eternity's Tim Roth and Broken Hope's Chuck Wepfer (two guitarists, both of whom play on the band's choice Death cover, "Open Casket"), Manitoba's Psychotic Gardening manhandles their instruments, striking the listener with deadly blows to the head via the eardrums! With roots that seemingly point to not only old-school death metal, post-Pentagram doom metal and hardened thrash, but traditional heavy metal and the previously mentioned groove and goth (yes, truly all of that morphs together here on "Hymnosis" in a killer way!) Psychotic Gardening have a real raging vibe about them and any attempt to downplay the utter brute-force of this 41 minute platter would be ill-advised! This could prove to be one of 2014's most dangerous releases as it has mean look at it and it's bark is as dangerous as it's trap-jaw bite! It would be disastrous if this album was overlooked by the metal community at large as Psychotic Gardening's "Hymnosis" is METAL
and it strikes all the right cords! For Chuck Labossiere a release like this one has to be rewarding as it's build upon a solid foundation of THICK metal riffs and SICK solos that will stand tall against the inevitable wave of piss-poor imitators! Get on board with this lot while you still can folks as this (fully-armed battle) ship is going to be causing some major waves soon enough as they bring the hammer down on the competition !

*This band's fierily attack on religion, or more specifically Christianity, is boldly spelled out make no mistake of that!

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