Wednesday, February 18, 2015

MarysCreek-Incubic Twin

MarysCreek Records

Swedish heavy & hard rock? Now, where have we heard that phrase before? Seriously though this Linköping , Stockholm-based collective is merely one of what seems like BILLIONS of sweet heavy & hard rock to come out Sweden and with a sophomore album on the horizon this EP seems to be just a taste of what's to come. And as an appetizer it does the job just fine! It makes you want to lick your fingers clean and leaves you dreaming happy thoughts about the meal that's to come! For the heavy hard rockers involved with MarysCreek it's all about the mighty riff as they offer up their slick take on modern hard rock/heavy metal. There's a subtle hint of melancholy that bristles throughout MarysCreek's EP and when that combines with the band's meaty trash rock licks and pop sensibilities it's simply one glorious explosion of prime-time rock and roll as that is 100% Swedish and 100% MarysCreek! Here's hoping the band's next studio set is every bit as slick and wicked as this EP is!

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