Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Single: Faith No More-Super Hero

Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac

"Super Hero" is the second single that Faith No More has released from their highly-anticipated new album, "Sol Invictus". It follows the well-received "Motherfucker" and it offers more clues to the fact that Faith No More's seventh full-length album (and first studio album release since 1997's "Album of the Year") is going to be wicked sweet! This awesome rocker is all at once classic Faith No More and the fresh sound of one band that has updated it's keyboard-heavy delivery for today's wishy washy generation with the short attention span! The uber-slick "Super Hero" is Faith No More with a new and improved (and dare I say cleaner?) outlook and yet it offers some legitimate kicks to all but prove that Mike Patton and crew are the real San Fransisco treat! "Sol Invictus" (Latin for Unconquered Sun) isn't scheduled to be released until May 19th, but I'll be counting down the days nonetheless as this upcoming album sure feels as if it is going to be a fabulous comeback from funk rap-rockers Faith No More!

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