Sunday, November 13, 2016

Heavy Temple-Chassit

Van Records/Tridroid Records

It's Sunday, November 13th so it's time to get yourself to the temple....the Heavy Temple that is! Formed at the tail end of 2012 (with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serving as their home base of operations), three-piece band Heavy Temple is a fuzzed-out stoner doom metal band that is lead by bassist/vocalist High Priestess Nighthawk. The 27 minute plus "Chassit" is Heavy Temple's 2nd release since 2014 and it finds the all-powerful High Priestess Nighthawk joined by guitarist Archbishop Barghest and drummer Siren Tempestas. Opening by way of the bass-heavy "Key and Bone", "Chassit" is a MASSIVE recording that is seems to be masquerading as EP. Both "Ursa Machina" and "Pink Glass" clock in at over the eight minute mark while this intense recording's last track, "In the Court of the Bastard King", is almost six minutes! With the aforementioned "Key and Bone" being four minutes and thrifty six seconds long, Heavy Temple's latest release offers a hell of a lot of auditory enlightenment to be called an "EP". And really it's not just the length of these tracks that we're talking about. Each one of these four cuts has something different going for it. Like a fine wine (or even your favorite variety of weed!) there are lots of subtle notes to be discovered and then ultimately enjoyed. These new flavors might be hidden behind a wall of feedback and fuzz, but they are there all the same!  Due out in late January of next year, "Chassit" is a sick combination of stoner rock, doom metal, and fuzzed out sludge. It has lots of interesting moments that are deliriously heavy and it is topped off by the strong and empowering voice of the High Priestess herself!! Skip the offerings and just bring your soul to Heavy Temple as this is the only salvation you need!!!

High Priestess Nighthawk gets caught up in the moment!

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I almost read the cover as Heavy Pimple. Heavy Temple sounds a lot better.

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