Wednesday, October 18, 2017

GWAR-The blood of gods



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      I remember hearing Gwar's Hell-O way back in 1988. My first impression hey they look cool like a cartoon come to life, but the music for me was just not nearly as exciting. Living not far from the DC/Virginia are I knew a number of people who saw them live and they'd go on about the live antics of the band. When I'd ask about the music the responses weren't as enthusiastic. I guess I have not been terribly enthusiastic about their music over the years, but they've had moments here and there for sure despite the fact that their image and live shows have always overshadowed their music.
      It's been over three and a half years since Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) passed away from an overdose. Although the band kept playing shows after that this is the first album since his passing. After listening to the album twice it's obvious that not even death can truly stop Gwar from marching forward into battle and assaulting our ears (in mostly a good way). The band is now fronted by Bothar who is actually Mike Bishop who was previously in the band for two stints as Beefcake the mighty. So he is no stranger to the band and what they are about and just plugs into the spot rather well considering he has rather large battle armor to fill. For the most part he and the rest of the band really deliver a strong offering. The sounds is somewhat different just because of the vocals, but by the second time around it was not only growing on me but I was actually pleased with the results. Could have done without the AC/DC cover at the end I think it took away somewhat from the momentum they were building prior to that, but that's a small complaint. Gwar fans may take some time to warm up to the new album, but it's worth the time to try and get into it. While on stage the blood may be fake and the guts may be made of rubber that doesn't take away from the solid effort that Gwar put forth on their new album.

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