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When I'm deciding what to review some times it's a band I've heard of or a label I know that has done a number of good releases. In this case I see the cover art looks like a 1980's t-shirt design and the band has a reptile name so I know that I have to check it out. Lyzzard hail from Portugual and before spinning this one I figured it was going to transport me back about three decades or more. The results? Yes, indeed this is very much mid to late 80's style metal. Much of the music reminds me of Running Wild before they were full blown pirates and Grave Digger before they got all semi-historical and perhaps toss in a few pinches of Grim Reaper and Judas Priest guitars bursts. The music just keeps punching away with each track. I kept expecting one or two more mellow tracks, but that never came about. Instead the album seemed to pick up the intensity as it went along. The vocals are slightly high pitched, but clean and they certainly compliment the hard-driving music. A number of bands today that play 80's style traditional metal tend to fall into the trap having a number of songs that sound very much the same. It pleases me very much does not fall into that trap at all. In fact each song has it's own personality and for most of the songs the band sets each song apart the next rather early into each track. While anyone can sound a certain way, but what really matters in the excitement for what you and that's something that shines through on every track of this album. Lyzzard are excited about the music they have created and they should because this a very impressive album.

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Blogger non de guerre said...

Just watched a video for one of those "semi-historical" Grave Digger songs, and they absolutely crushed it. The bagpiper and Grim Reaper on keyboard was a nice touch too. Will check out Lyzzard next.

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