Thursday, November 02, 2017

Superhorror-Hit Mania Death

Logic IL Logic Records

Lead by vocalist/guitarist Edward Janine Freak, Italy's Superhorror make their long-awaited return with "Hit Mania Death". It was some four years ago when I last covered this "unique" band. At the time they were known as Superhorrorfuck (link). They may have shortened their name for album number four here, but that same wild and reckless attitude that was present on "Death Becomes Us" remains. For the uninitiated that means more sleazy punk rock and glamorous hard & heavy metal with a ghoulish tint. It also translates to more politically incorrect lyrics and a well-earned "Parental Advisory" sticker! All dressed up in their white make-up and red lipstick, Superhorror are still as freaky as ever and yet they still have the ability to write catchy as hell material that will get stuck in your head long after the party is done! The big different between album number three and album number four is variety. While you are still going to hear the influence of bands/artists like Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., Lizzy Borden, Ozzy, Murderdolls, Samhain, and Wednesday 13, "Hit Mania Death" brings things like country and blues to the party. There is also more funk on display here than there was on "Death Becomes Us"! On paper that might all sound weird and a bit far-fetched, but as is the case with Guns N' Roses and Kid Rock, Superhorror makes it all work to it's advantage. With musical growth there is always the chance of things going badly. For Superhorror this growth is rewarding for not only the band members, but longtime fans as well. With four years between album number three and album number four, "Hit Mania Death" has been well-worth the wait and then some. Welcome back Superhorror. You have been missed.

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