Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Anialator-Rise to Supremacy

Xtreem Music

There is some  background explanation that I obviously have to toss out here first. No, I did not misspell the band name because this is not the long running Canadian thrash band Annihilator, but rather a return of the Corpus Christi based Anialator. This band knocked out a few EPs and demos back in the 80's before some of the members went on to form Sufferance. Anialator reformed in recent years, re-released their old material and now have a brand spanking new EP set to go out in the new year. Okay, let's get at this sucker and see where they are at now. Much like their old material this is very raw which contains both positives and negatives. This is old style thrash with some early death metal vocals leading the soar throated way. I admire the energy, but the first two tracks suffer from low production and quite honestly the style on both is so similar that the two blend together much more than they should. Track three "Rise again" has much personality with  a twisted riff, some pounding drums and good enough variation to the vocals to make it fairly memorable. Track four 'Thick skinned" slows down some, but heaviness level keeps the intensity going. The closer "Black" races ahead with more of a death metal sound than any of the previous tracks. Unfortunately it lacks the tempo changes of the previous two songs. What we have is an uneven but mostly comeback album. Fans of old style thrash might like it, but there's definitely some work to be done.

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