Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Roadrash-Thunder In Paradise


Roadrash is a speed metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia that is lead by seasoned musician David Power (bass/vocals). Preceded in life by a cassette demo and a digital cover of  Tank's "The Snake", "Thunder In Paradise" is the first full-length album from this four-piece group that has been active since 2014. It features nine-tracks in all and has a run-time of just over 34 minutes. Inspired by old-school speed metal and every-bit as quirky as the above album artwork would suggest, "Thunder In Paradise" is the sound of a laid back (if not capable) band that realizes that there is much more to life that being uptight and serious all the time. With a bit of a punk rock feel, a tongue in cheek approach to car-themed dynamics, and an obvious love of the aforementioned Tank (which no one can blame them for!), Roadrash isn't breaking new ground in the speed metal movement, but they sure as hell are having a whole lot of fun! With some road warriors like this thrashing up the scene why not call shotgun and join in the good times?  

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