Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Singles: Rockstar Frame-"Christmas Rape"

Musicarchy Media

Formed in 2012 by drummer Max Klein, Rockstar Frame is a (Top Notch!) heavy rock/hard & heavy band from Italy that I have talked about on numerous occasions (link). This socially-conscious/emotionally-powerful single was released earlier in the month and it is the first song from Rockstar Fame to feature new lead singer Kiara Laetitia (ex Skylark, Virgin Steele). Having gone through a line-up change sometime after the release of "Bullet For Birthday ", Rockstar Frame would be forgiven had they lost any steam. Despite the set backs, "Christmas Rape" is a tremendous number that goes a long ways towards pointing out Max's skill as a band leader. Packed with passion and intensity, Rockstar Frame's latest single also showcases Kiara's amazing set of pipes! If this new song is anything to go by (and why shouldn't it be?), Kiara Laetitia and Rockstar Frame are a match made in heaven!! Rockstar Frame has a new album set for release in February of 2018. A tour of Europe will follow in it's footsteps. While my location in the U.S. might make a live performance impossible for me to witness, Rockstar Frame's next album will be reviewed on this site. That alone makes me anticipate the change from 2017 to 2018!

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