Friday, January 19, 2018

Boogie Hammer-First Blood (Demo Tape)

Fuck The Mainstream - We Are The Mainstream Records

Boogie Hammer is a wildly reckless & fun as fuck rock and roll band from from Vienna, Austria. This six-song EP serves as the group's proper introduction to the world at large, but damn it man, is this piece of shit planet of ours deserving of such an honor? The answer of course is no. Seeing as that is the case, Boogie Hammer* is gracious as fuck for gifting us this freaky little jam fest! Starting off with the aptly-titled "Chainsaw", "First Blood" cracks the sky wide-open with it supersonic rock and roll sound and yes, it is orgasmic! Self-dubbed "Speed Boogie", the four members of Boogie Hammer perform a great public service as they give us five original compositions and a cover of the Scorpions song, "Speedy's Coming". That might seem like a weird cover choice for a crazy band like this, but it actually works rather well given the circumstances. Not quite punk rock or garage heavy metal, Boogie Hammer exists in their own world where both the Stray Cats and Motörhead are considered prime examples of grade A classic rock! With a full-length album reportedly in the works for later on in 2018, Boogie Hammer is fuzzed-over & feedback-drenched fun for the whole family to enjoy!! You can download this cool demo for free by heading here.
As for psychical copies of this instant classic? Try heading to this page to buy your own copy. That's the good news. What is the bad news? Well, the cassette release of this demo is limited to a mere 50 copies. For a smashing gem like this that is absolutely criminal! This is a classic case of getting the goods while they are hot and fresh. You snooze on this one and you are going to lose out BIG TIME! As one rock fan to another, Boogie Hammer is the real deal. In all the best ways possible(!), "First Blood" is real, down n' dirty, sleeves rolled up & work shirt unbuttoned riff-rock and roll for the under-payed and under-appreciated working class. Grab yourself a beer and kick off your work boots. This EP is for you.

*According to Facebook the group's line-up is as follows: D. "Süpürgesi" Vacuum (guitar, vocals), Luke Remington (guitar), Ricky Switchblade (bass), and Dave Dagger (drums).

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