Friday, January 26, 2018

Buck Tow Truck-Death Wields A Six String


Formed by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dona, Buck Tow Truck is a one-man metal band from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. The self-produced "Death Wields A Six String" appears to be the full-length debut for this one-man project, but that is only a guess on my part. There is little to no information available on Buck Tow Truck...I mean other than the origin of the name (see below) and a brief list of influences: "Van Halen," "Dokken" (more specifically George Lynch) and "Bathory.". With that said, "Death Wields A Six String" is a nine-track album that has it's fair share of good and bad points. First, here is what works. From a music standpoint, Buck Tow Truck's latest recording is tight and solid. There are some good ideas here and is pretty obvious that Andrew has a lot of skill and talent as a musician. With a better production job, "Death Wields A Six String" might have been a cool metal album to jam out to. Or at least it could be as an instrumental metal album. Since there is really no good way to put this how about if we just skip the pleasantries and call it like it is? Andrew Dona is a terrible singer. I'm not sure who told Andrew that he could sing, but that person should have their ears examined!! What could have been a decent heavy metal album is all but ruined by Andrew's bizarre vocal delivery. If this was an instrumental album and/or had another singer, "Death Wields A Six String" could have been graded a B- or maybe even a B. As it stands now, Buck Tow Truck's debut, which incidentally you can snag for free by heading here, is a C- release. If I'm being honest, C- might even be too high for a recording like this one. Whatever the case, Buck Tow Truck does have some promise. If only Andrew could get a new singer and a better budget...

According to the promo material: "The name for the band was conceived by combining a typical 80's tough guy name "Buck" with what George Carlin considered to be a man's word. To him, man words have 2 syllables such as shotgun or tow-truck. While saying these words be sure to pump one's fist forward and back in a horizontal line as if cocking a shotgun, as George did."

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