Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Dark Hound-Dawning


Dark Hound is a heavy/power metal band from Nashville, TN. The group has been around since 2009 and (as of this writing) it is comprised of vocalist/bassist ET Brown, guitarist Evan Hensley, guitarist Preston Walls, and drummer Josh Brown. Along with Megadeth, Testament, and some (pre-Black album) Metallica, Dark Hound is every bit as influenced by the N.W.O.B.H.M. sounds of Iron Maiden & Judas Priest as it is Pantera and Dream Theater. In 2014 I did a write up on the group's self-titled debut (link). I really liked "Dark Hound" so I had high hopes for this album. In now way, shape, or form did this release let me down! With a release date of January 19th, 2018, "Dawning" is the second full-length album from this progressive and melodic quartet that also has a 2015 EP to it's name ("Oceans"). It is a step forward in terms of growth and musical-evolution. The songs are more inspired and so do the individual performances of everything involved with this energetic release. With eleven tracks in all, "Dawning" is a fun listen and one hell of a enjoyable experience! Ultimately it is a must-have for fans of real metal!! If "Dawning" is any indication of what awaits us, 2018 is going to a great year for heavy metal fans and the scene as a whole.

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