Monday, January 22, 2018

Free Metal Monday: Decay Within-Demo 2018

Who's Mic? Recordings

Decay Within is a one-man death metal/grindcore band from Oxford, Michigan. Formed by ex-Writhing member Mike Nastasy (vocals, guitars, bass, and drum programming), the solo project is about six years old now. The self-produced "Demo 2018" looks as if it is the studio debut studio for this gnarly one-man band and it can be downloaded for free by clicking on the highlighted link above. While it is primarily a (old-school) death metal meets underground grindcore kind of release, the six-track "Demo 2018" does use a little bit of raw thrash to tease it's listeners. As a solid first attempt, Mike Nastasy's solo project shows off a world of promise and I for one cannot wait to see what's next. You can follow Decay Within by way of Facebook and if you are into uncompromising death/thrash/grind then make you you snag "Demo 2018".

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