Monday, January 15, 2018

hell bent-EP


Formed in 2015 and comprised of current & former members of Dropdead, Ulcer, Paindriver, Straight to Hell, Neon Bitches, and Hard Drug, hell bent is a thrash metal/(hardcore-tinged) crossover band from Providence, Rhode Island. The self-explanatory "EP" is the latest release from this (d-beat-infused) fierce as fuck outfit. It is a six-song EP that clocks in at just under thirteen minutes. Other than perhaps the EP's length*, hell bent's new recording is fault free from start to finish! With it's old school-street metal & (hardcore-tinged) crossover meets underground thrash metal, "EP" is a great introduction to this tough as nails group. In addition to being a digital release, "EP" is available to purchase on cassette tape. That's rather fitting and all seeing as this EP has the feel of a underground gem from the heyday of tape-trading! If gritty and raw street-legit thrash metal/crossover/hardcore is your bread and butter, hell bent is bound to be your jam!

*As good as these guys are, hell bent's debut should have been a full-length LP!

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