Monday, January 22, 2018

Kings Will Fall Interview

Kings Will Fall is a thrash n' death metal from Italy. Earlier this month I covered the band's new album, "Thrash Force.One". It is now my pleasure to present this short interview that I did with the group.

Andy-Could you please introduce yourselves and tell our listeners how the band came about?

Fabian-Kings Will Fall is Luk on the drums, Rene on the guitar, Vance on the bass and me, Fabian on the the very beginning Luk and Vance jammed together. Soon enough Rene joined in.  I was the last member to join. I got in touch with the guys by responding to a Facebook announcement.

Andy-How did you decide on your band name?

Fabian-There were many thoughts as far as choosing the band name. We decided to take this one because it sounded right and it fits really well with our style.

Andy-I completely agree. It's a fitting name for a band like yours."Thrash Force. One" is a dynamite debut album. What was it like recording it? Did you expect it to turn out as well as it did?

Fabian-First of all thank you for the term. We did not have a clue how it would turn out at all. There were just some common guys that wanted to record an album for the love of music.. we took our time, step by step. The sound engineer did a fantastic job. It was a great experience.

Andy-Yes, the end result speaks for itself. Your style of thrash n' death is fresh and exciting. Does the sound come from everyone's personal influences?

Fabian- I think we're all bound by the love of oldschool thrash metal. That is what unites us. The individual tastes of everyone is different. Surely we all add a personal note to the music.

Andy-You included a Motörhead cover on your album. Do you play any other cover songs live?

Fabian-No we don't. This one is unique. It is driven by the love of this musical hero. From the beginning it was clear to us, if Lemmy passes away (we never believed), we have to do a cover in honor to this great personality.

Andy-He truly was great. There will never be another Lemmy. As an outsider looking in, Italy seems to have a growing heavy metal/thrash scene. Everyday it seems as if another one just pops up from out of nowhere. Does that make it easier or harder for your band as far as the competition goes?

Fabian-It's just a good sign if there are so many bands in the metal genre. It shows that the love of real music is not dead yet. In the local scene we are just one of a very few thrash bands. But competition would be good for business.

Andy-As a follow-up to that question, are there a lot of clubs and/or venues available to play at in your neck of the woods?

Fabian-There are a few. It's hard for live music clubs nowadays, but hopefully they will rise again...

Andy-What has been the reaction to your new disc?

Fabian-The reactions are great. There are a lot of good reviews that we have got from all over the world.

Andy-Do you have a lot of shows booked for 2018? If so would you like to promote any of them here?

Fabian-Some are already fixed. One is a special one, on the 3rd of February. The Inquisition Metalfest is a indoor festival which is organized by our band. This will be 4th time in a row.

Daniel (bass)-There are plans to make a mini European tour in November. Northern Italy, South France and Spain are the countries we plan to visit.

Andy-Cool. I wish you guys all the best for the tour. How can fans pick up a copy of your new album?

Daniel-They can contact us personally on Facebook or anywhere else. Or simply visit our bandcamp site (here) to get a physical or digital copy. You can also pick up other with merchandise there. Otherwise you can find it digitally on all the common sites like amazon, iTunes, spotify and so on.

Andy-Excellent! Now, I like to close interviews by letting the artists have the last say. Is there anything that we didn't touch up that you would like to mention?

Daniel-I would like to thank everyone who is reading this. Thanks to all of you for your support. Visit our social media channels, leave some likes, comments and listen to Thrash Metal, as it will never die.
Thrash on \m/

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