Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Oblivious-När Isarna Sjunger


Oblivious is a hard & heavy rock/proto-metal band from Linköping, Sweden that has a handful of recordings to it’s name. Due for release in early February, "När Isarna Sjunger" is the band’s latest release. With eight smashing cuts in all, "När Isarna Sjunger" is the group's forth full-length album as well as my first taste of these (groove-heavy!) riff-rocking rebels! And what a fine introduction it is!! On one hand some of the inspirations come from the underground rock and hard rock scenes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Sung in their native tongue, Oblivious' new album also owes a debt or two to the better aspects of southern rock and the (very) early years of  heavy metal. Mix that all together with sincere love and admiration for not only their their idols, but all of the hardworking rock and roll bands that came before them and you get one band that might have a wild and crazy spirit, but they also have a hell of a lot of heart and soul. Even at it's heaviest moments this album has a charming warmth to it that is all it's own. From the music to the vintage-vibe this Swedish heavy rock band has a real winner on it's hands with their new album. It would be a real shame if people got all hung up on the foreign language bit before giving this one a chance.

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