Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shadow Kingdom-The Reflection


Shadow Kingdom is a up-and-coming/buzz-worthy heavy metal band from Milford, Connecticut that is lead by vocalist Robert Slater (Fear Apparent). The five-track EP, "The Reflection", is the debut offering for this five-piece metal band that features two highly-skilled guitarists in Anthony Quintiliano (M.S.W.) & Greg Alfonso (ex-Sick from Hate, ex-Sounds from Hell, ex-Necromansy). Nino Zazzarino (bass) and Carlos Zazzarino (drums) round things out for this killer Connecticut metal band that splits the difference between really heavy metal EP and U.S. power metal. With strong song writing skills and a cool metal sound that is both modern and vintage, Shadow Kingdom is a hot metal outfit that should do great things! So far this is only a digital release. As such you can find "The Reflection" on iTunes.

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