Friday, January 05, 2018

Starsoup-Castles of Sand

Metalism Records

Starsoup is a progressive heavy rock/metal studio project from Moscow, Russian. Formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist (and sole full-time member) Alexey Markov (Distant Sun, ex-Citadel, ex-Shadow Host), Starsoup made it's debut with the 2011 single, "Angel". The full-length "Bazaar of Wonders" followed in 2013 with two additional singles, "The Wait" (2015) and "Your World Is Dead" (2017), serving as the bridge between album number one and this full-length feature. Released in late November of 2017, "Castles of Sand" is the long-anticipated sophomore LP from this extremely- versatile act. Like it's predecessor, "Castles of Sand" finds Alexey Markov backed-up by not only guest musicians, but other vocalists. Obviously with so many different players at work, Starsoup is going to sound different from album to album. Not only that, but each song is going to have it's own flavor. To that end here is the album's track list. Please note that tracks number 10 and 12 only appear on the CD versions of "Castles of Sand". You can find information on how to order a CD copy of this incredible album by heading here. That link takes you to the group's bandcamp page.

"Castles of Sand" track list:

1.The Catcher in the Lie
2. Into the Woods
3. Brother's Plea
4. Your World Is Dead
5. Rumors of Better Love
6. Escapist
7. Winter in Shire
8. Castle
9. The World That Has Moved On
10. Light Up the Stars (CD bonus)
11. Moon on the Shore
12. Road to Sunset (CD bonus)

Starting off with the four-minute "The Catcher in the Lie", Starsoup's latest recording is a charmingly diverse release where you are likely to pick up on something new and exciting with each new spin! On "Castles of Sand" you'll find everything from traditional heavy metal to classical music. You have progressive AOR and folk-leanings, modern metal and thrash. There is melodic hard rock and there are power metal moments that will make your head spin. Pretty much anything that you can imagine shows up on Starsoup's new album. On paper that might sound messy and chaotic. In actuality this is a well-constructed album that is intelligent and enjoyable. It is geared towards progressive rock fans and anyone that likes their music to be thought-provoking. I'd also recommend it to anyone that likes to march to the beat of their own drummer. Kudos to Alex Markov and company for this excellent album. Hopefully this is just  the first of many great releases from this Russian project.

In addition to Alexey Markov (guitars,vocals, and effects), "Castles of Sand" features:

Mike Sorokin Drums (1, 4, 6)
Ivan Izotov Bass (1, 3, 4, 7), Keyboards (3, 4, 7), Orchestration (1)
Dmitriy Ignatyev Guitars (lead) (1, 4)
Kirill Babiev Vocals (1)
Sergey Serebrennikov Drums (2, 3, 7)
Oleg Mishin Flute (3, 4)
Vladimir Shevyakov Guitars (6), Guitars (lead) (8, 10)
Evgeniy Nesterov Bass (6)
Rustam Akhmatgaraev Keyboards (1, 6), Piano (9, 11, 12)
Artem Molodtsov Bass (8, 10), Guitars (8)
Anton Yalovchuk Drums (8)
Vladimir Shulepin Keyboards (8, 10)
Daria Naumenko Vocals (9)
Alex Dyachenko Drums (10)

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