Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chevalier-Chapitre II


Chevalier is a Finnish heavy/speed metal band that is fronted by Emma Grönqvist. Active since 2016, the five-piece group is comprised of musicians with ties to Decaying, Demon's Gate, and Steel Machine. Like many other critics and fans before and after me, I fell hard for the group first release, "A Call to Arms". Released back in 2017, "A Call to Arms" was a nearly-flawless mimture of epic heavy metal and vintage speed. Early this month it was followed by a 7" split with fellow Finnish heavy metal band, Legionnaire. This twenty minute plus release is Chevalier's latest recording and it features the following tracks: "The Messenger", "Wrath Of Steel", and "The Curse Of The Dead Star". All three tracks run past the six minute mark and there is a guest appearance by Gentry Lord (a talented musician in his own right, Gentry Lord produced and mixed this three-track EP). Starting off with "The Messenger", "Chapitre II" is above all else LOUD! Maybe it is just the way in which it was mixed, but this EP sure seems as if it has been cranked all the way to the top!! Honestly a little mix would have been preferable, but in no way does it take away from the glorious nature of this female-fronted Finnish heavy/speed band. For a group that has only been active since 2016, Chevalier is already near the top of the heap when it comes to this style of hard & heavy speed! With a major label behind them (and a more proper production job), Chevalier would be huge!! It's more than a little surprising then that this group is still unsigned. Had I the funds, Emma Grönqvist and her companions would be in the studio as we speak. I would be throwing all my weight behind this skilled-band and then some. For now all that I can do is share this band with our readers and some PR contacts that I have. This is another promising metal band that is going to make some label look really smart when they pick them up. While we wait for that to happen (and I have no doubt that it will!) why don't you drop everything that you are doing and go snag this EP?  It's well worth the cost of admission...

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