Friday, February 23, 2018

Cult Of The Fox-By The Styx

Pure Steel Records

Formed in early 2007 (and previously known as Cross Bow from 2000 until 2007), Cult Of The Fox is a heavy metal band from Sweden that is fronted by Magnus Hultman (ex-Nexus). The forthcoming "By The Styx" is the third full-length album from this (vintage metal-leaning) traditional heavy metal band that just so happens to feature bass guitarist/well-traveled musician Peter Svensson (Assassin's Blade) within it's ranks. Guitarists Erika Wallberg (Void Moon) and Fredrik Theander round things out as far as the stringed instruments are concerned while drummer Daniler Fritze (ex-Nexus) bashes the hell out of his kit in grand fashion! That's the full studio line-up when it comes to this 11-track LP. Preceded in life by 2013's "Angelsbane", this well-produced album clocks in at nearly forty two minutes. That's forty two minutes of straight-ahead/no-nonsense heavy metal from a band that I am just now being introduced to. As far as first impressions go, Cult Of The Fox sells true heavy metal as well as the next guy...only quite a bit better. Having gone into this review blind (aka: I listened to the album before reading over the promo) I could have almost believed this to be a German heavy metal band, style & substance (as well as aggressive lead vox!) reminding me of the best parts of said scene! That is a compliment as far as I am concerned. For what it is worth, Cult Of The Fox should make the Swedish metal scene proud as this is some smashing steel that these five musicians have laid to tape! Slightly-rough and raw (again in all the best ways humanly possible!), "By The Styx" is tried and true heavy metal with an epic metal theme. Even if it isn't new ground that they are breaking, Cult Of The Fox is punchy and filled with determination on their new album. For fans of straight/no chaser heavy metal that is something to celebrate no matter the occasion!

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