Thursday, February 01, 2018

Forgotten Gems: Rubber Whips-Die Suckers


For those of you who might be new to Heavy Metal Time Machine, Forgotten Gems is normally a place where we cover heavy metal albums that slipped by us unnoticed and/or recordings that we think deserve more praise than they originally got. Today's band easily falls into both of those categories. Falling somewhere in-between raw heavy metal and late eighties/early nineties crossover, "Die suckers" is a wicked five-track demo from Rubber Whips that I won on Ebay. Packed with muscle and a fair share of metal madness, "Die Suckers" absolutely slays everything in it's sight! Not for a minute do I regret shelling out my hard-earned cash for this tape. The only thing that bothers me is the mysterious nature of this group. Other than the fact that it came in a larger collection of tapes that he picked up from Europe, the seller had no information at all about the demo. Looking online has been no help. The only thing that you will find is a picture/mention of the cassette tape on Ebay. Seeing as that listing is the one that landed in my lap, Rubber Whips remains one big mystery! I don't know the band's line-up, where they were from, or even the year when this came out! Talk about frustrating!! Seeing as I have hit a dead end, dear readers/fellow metalheads I need your help. I am looking for any information that I can find about this band and/or this cassette tape. Thank you all in advance...

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