Thursday, February 22, 2018

Old Mother Hell-Old Mother Hell

Cruz Del Sur Music

Formed in 2015 by two ex-members of the thrash metal outfit Hatchery (bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André), Old Mother Hell is a German metal band that is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Bernd Wener (Shapeshift, ex-Refuge, ex-Maladie). The self-titled "Old Mother Hell" serves as the debut EP for this three-piece band and it clocks in at just over thirty four minutes. With the passionate and powerful vocals of lead singer Bern Wener proving to be a real highlight (as in wow, that voice leaves a lump in your lump!), Old Mother Hell magnificently combines elements of epic heavy metal, doom metal, hard & heavy rock, and traditional heavy metal into a eye opening sound that is all their own. Recorded at Rama Studio Mannheim by producer/engineer Jens Siefert, this six-track EP has a vibe that is both modern and vintage. In a very remarkable way, "Old Mother Hell" also happens to feel both sorrowful and hopeful. In that regard, credit goes to both the group and Jens Siefert. Further props must go to Cruz Del Sur Music. They have caught lightning in a bottle with this signing! Thanks to this cool label, "Old Mother Hell" will be released on CD and LP. Obviously the highlighted link above will lead you to a digital version of this exceptional release, but I cannot help but feel as if this is a recording that you need to be able to physically hold. In closing, "Old Mother Hell" is simply a blast to listen to! Like the band that created it, the EP is strong and confident. At the end of the day this one gets a A+ rating!! Whatever you do, don't snooze on this power rock/metal trio. In no time at all this is going to be a very successful act.

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