Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Singles: Wishing Well-"Children Of Paradise"

Inverse Records

The brainchild of guitarist/primary songwriter Anssi Korkiakoski, Wishing Well is a hard rock band from Helsinki, Finland that is currently fronted by Rafael Castillo. The recently-released single, "Children Of Paradise", comes from the group's upcoming album, "Rat Race". Due to drop on in early March, Wishing Well's new album sounds as if it will be something special. I am basing that assumption on not only the strength of this particular single, but the promo worksheet that accompanied it. While there are really no guarantees in life, I am hoping to review that album in the next week or so. In the meantime, "Children Of Paradise" is the object of focus and it serves as my first introduction to this hard & heavy rock band from Finland. Among many other nice considerations, the well-crafted number features a children's choir and a vintage vibe. It is a smooth track that makes you think fondly about the hard rock music of yesterday. In a world of artificial and fluffed-up hard & heavy (you know the kind of groups that I am talking about) I'll take this style of hard rock any day of the week! Along with the aforementioned promo sheet, "Children Of Paradise" gives me hope that "Rat Race" will light a spark under the tired old scene. Be sure to keep your eyes out for my review of "Rat Race" to see if that ends up being the truth.  

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