Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Boogie Hammer-Piledriver

ALO Records

Do you remember Boogie Hammer? God knows I do. Based in Veinna, Austria and lead by guitarist/vocalist D. "Süpürgesi" Vacuum (Genocide SS, The Accidents), this band rocked the living daylights out of my life with their 2017 demo, "First Blood"! That 6-song EP was the shit!! Admittedly I was a little late to the party (having just covered that bad mofo last month), but hot damn kids, here we are in February and what do you suppose ends up in my lap? If you said a new girlfriend then A) I thank you for the confidence you have in me and B) you are way off (as in really folks, who is going to date my old, ugly, and disabled butt?). Nah man, I am talking about a new Boogie Hammer release! That's right ladies and gentlemen. Just when I was having a bad day, Boogie Hammer struts on it and is like "BAM!", here's "Piledriver"! Mad thanks guys!! Due to drop at some point in the immediate future, this 7" EP is as much fun as you can have in this day and age without ending up in jail! This four-track EP falls somewhere between real punk (The Ramones!) and back alley (bad to the core) rock and roll. Like the old school wrestling finisher that it is named for, "Piledriver" picks you up and then drives you straight into the ground! Actually, this EP is more like a spiked-piledriver right onto the bad streets of rock and roll. Only instead of receiving a horrible injury, Boogie Hammer leaves you will a wide grin on your face and the feeling that you want to inject this guitar-heavy drug into your veins over and over again. Good music is supposed to do that to you. It's supposed to life you up out of your slump and make you not only feel something, but make you feel as if you are truly alive. Maybe for the first time in a long time. It's bands like Boogie Hammer that keep me going on when the feeling has left me. For that I am extremely grateful. In case it isn't obviously in closing, "Piledriver" comes highly recommended.

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