Monday, March 26, 2018

Dream Tröll-The Witch's Curse


Based in Leeds, England and currently fronted by Paul Walsh, Dream Tröll is a epic heavy metal/power metal band that made it's studio debut in 2017 with the full-length album "The Knight of Rebellion". The group's new EP, "The Witch's Curse", was released in early February. It is a three-track recording with truly inspired lyrics and well-structured material that is as melodic as it is memorable! Arguable one of the most well-rounded N.W.O.T.H.M. bands out there these days, Dream Tröll has so much potential that you almost have to wonder if there wasn't some form of otherworldly-intervention! If true heavy with metal with great lead vocals, killer riffs, and epic metal overtones is your thing (and why shouldn't it be?) then "The Witch's Curse" is a must-have!!

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Blogger Leo said...

Amazing band! Epic Fantasy Heavy Power Metal at its finest (what?). Maiden, Ghost, Wytch Hazel and counting. Tks

4:40 AM  

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