Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Evil Hunter-Evil Hunter

Fighter Records

Evil Hunter is a (hard & heavy-infused) traditional/power metal band from Spain. The group is lead by vocalist Damián Chicano and features musicians with ties to such bands as WarCry, Nova Era, Lords of Black, Nightfear, and Black Hat. On April 10th, 2018 the group is planning to release their full-length debut album. It is a self-titled affair with eight original compositions. Starting off with the heavy metal banger that is "Surf the Waves" (I just love the guitars on this metallic jam!), "Evil Hunter" is a great example of modern day (passionate and precision-cut) heavy/power metal. Armed with killer guitarists and a cool lead singer who sounds like Axl Rose on a N.W.O.B.H.M. kick(!), Evil Hunter is cranks out hard-hitting /high-classic traditional heavy metal that is as melodic as it is powerful. On their first full-length album this talented Spanish band mixes classic heavy/power metal numbers with hard and heavy rock elements so that they can in give the audience a truly unique listening experience. Thanks in no small part to their versatile front-man and a rock-inspired rhythm section, Evil Hunter is able to pull of hair-raising heavy metal cuts and the obligatory ballad. Well-produced and comprised of nothing but solid numbers, this eight song album is something that that Spanish act should be extremely proud of. As far as recommendations go, "Evil Hunter" should appeal to fans of traditional heavy metal and power metal.

PS: While there are heavy rock and hard rock elements to be found on this well-assembled album, at it's core "Evil Hunter" is (guitar-heavy) classic/power metal with great vocals and top of the line musicians. That means the album is versatile enough to appeal to hard and heavy fans, but it's really meant for heavy metal fanatics.

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